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Planning for your new deck

Is this your first time planning a dream deck? Are you familiar with the process for planning and building your project? We are here to help. Below we have outlined the building process and some things to think about before building your project.

1) Client Meeting​

  • After giving us a call, our estimator will set up an initial meeting to discuss your project.

  • Have a size and layout in mind and an idea of what type of materials you may want to use.

  • Consider the purpose for your deck and any future plans you may have for the space. Some details such as adding a hot tub or outdoor kitchen must be addressed ahead of time. In many cases, we will need to add extra foundations and framing to handle the weight of these features.

  • Consider additional options for your space (i.e. planters, benches, counters, pergola). 

  • Please have the plat of survey for your property available. It is helpful for us to see if there are any restrictions on the deck design, such as utility easements or building lines. Most building departments will also need this when we apply for a permit. If you don't have a plat of survey, you may want to consider purchasing one if you plan on doing any other outdoor projects such as fences or patios. Here are links to two local surveying companies: Torrenga Surveying, Zarko Sekerez & Associates

2) The Estimate

  • After the initial meeting, we will work on a quote and email it to you. Your quote will include a scale drawing of your layout. For basic layouts, we may be able to give you a quote on the spot.

  • If you decide you want to move forward with us, we will need a signed copy of the quote and a down payment to begin the project.

3) The Build

  • During our busy season (Spring to Fall), it will usually take approximately 8+ weeks before we will be able to begin your project.

  • As soon as we receive a signed contract, we will submit the necessary documentation to your town for obtaining a permit.

  • Most towns will require 3 inspections throughout the process of the job. These include a foundation hole inspection, a framing inspection, and a final inspection.

4) The Finished Product

  • After your deck has been completed, we will ask for your final payment. You will then be able to begin enjoying your yard!

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